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Do I Have Enough Room?
Do I Have Enough Room?

“What is the biggest water slide you have?”  That  is a very common question that we receive.  Everyone always wants bigger and better.  One of biggest problems we run into in this business is customers under estimating the size of our equipment.  Most people just think that bounce house will fit out back no problem.  Then when we come to set up it’s a different story.  Never do we hear “do I have enough room?”  Hopefully these tips will help you if your yard is a bit tight like mine.

First before you even look out in your yard, scope out the entrance to your property.  Is there a gate?  Is the gate wide enough?  Will we be able wheel the bounce house in between your house and your neighbor’s?  So exactly how wide of an access do we need?  4 feet wide is a good safe number for most of our equipment.  Some of the smaller stuff will fit through a standard 3 foot gate no problem.  Others may need some finesse to fit.  “We can just unroll it and drag it around back.”  Absolutely not.  This was the solution given to me to fit a bounce house in between two houses that had a path where in some spots I had to turn sideways to fit.  Bounce houses are made of vinyl not kevlar.  They do tear, and will tear if handled like this.  “You can unroll it and lift it over the fence a little at a time.”  Again absolutely not.  One snag on that fence and that unit is going in for repair.  FYI: The Dunk Tank is big, wide, and heavy.  It can’t fit through or over a standard gate.  It needs to be towed in position with a truck.

Second if there is any doubt whatsoever about the bounce house fitting into a certain area, break out the measuring tape.  We list the dimensions of each unit for this reason.  Don’t just eye ball it.  Sure that space between the pool and the back porch looks like 20 feet, but it is probably more like 12-15 feet.  Hey, no judgement.  I am guilty of this too.  One thing to keep in mind is the additional space needed around the bounce house.  For example our castle is 15′ x 15′.  Ok so you can measure out 15 feet square and you are good… Wrong.  There are stake points at each corner that extend out an additional 12-18 inches.  There is the blower tubes in the rear of the bounce house.  Then there is the entrance step in the front of the bounce house.  Oh and you need room for the kids to get in and out.  When everything is said and done instead of 15 feet square, you are at more like 20 feet square.

Ok so you have good access and a clear area for the bounce house.  Let’s set this thing up!  Wait a minute you forgot to look up.  “It will fit under those trees no problem.”  Are you sure about that?  Just like the fence, a tree limb can puncture a bounce house.  When measuring out your area, don’t forget to look up for tree limbs, clothes lines, power lines, etc.  While this does happen on some of our bounce house rentals, it is more common for the water slide rentals.  18 feet seems tall when thinking about it.  Standing next to it is a little different.

So what was the purpose of this blog?  Well honestly I hate seeing people disappointed.  You went through the trouble of reserving it, paying the deposit, then getting the kids pumped up for it only for it not to work.  There have been an instance or two where we just couldn’t fit a bounce house into in area because of the things listed above.  One of them was with the smallest one in our inventory.  And believe me we tried everything to get it to fit.  We just so happened to have our cotton candy machine available for that day, and she decided to go with that instead.  And guess what?  Cotton candy was a hit!  The kids were raving about it when we came to pick the machine up.  Mom even gave us a really nice tip for trying so hard to get that bounce house to fit.

If you have questions about fitment of something in our inventory just call or send us an email.  We would be more than happy to answer your questions, or help you pick something out that will fit.

Book A Bounce House
Book A Bounce House

The past few days of warm weather is finally melting the winter snow away.  With the warm weather comes outdoor birthday parties, and we know no outdoor birthday party is complete without a bounce house.

Spring is a crazy time of year.  Most people are leery of reserving a bounce house because Mother Nature tends to be a bit unpredictable in early Spring.  Everyone waits until last minute to book in the Spring, and some end up not getting the original unit they wanted because someone beat them to it.  Well I am here to tell you no worries!  If you reserve a bounce house with us, and the weather does not cooperate, you are not on the hook for anything.  We have no control over the weather, and you should not be penalized for it.

So if you are planning a birthday party, first holy communion, wedding, family reunion, or any kind of party give us a call at 570-237-2314 to book a bounce house today.  We have numerous bounce houses, obstacle courses, and concessions to make your party a success.

Indoor Bounce House Rentals
Indoor Bounce House Rentals

“You can set these up indoors?”  I get asked that question every time I tell people that we can set up a bounce house indoors provided there is enough ceiling height.  Your probably thinking to yourself where in the world am I going to find somewhere to have a party that has enough ceiling height to set up a bounce house?  We thought the same thing until we discovered there are some amazing local places you can rent for a party.

My daughter, like myself and my wife, has a winter birthday.  Our house is pretty small, so inviting people here is not going to work.  Those fast food restaurant parties like when we were kids just aren’t the same since they removed their playground (and since a lot of people try to avoid fast food).   She is not into bowling.  Swimming parties are ok, but they exclude those who can’t swim or those who don’t want to swim from having fun.  We can go to one of those party places, but the parties are very rushed (like assembly line rushed), they are a bit pricey, and I swear she gets sick every time we go to one.  We started looking around and realized there was a large gymnasium down the road that we could rent for her party, and we could set up bounce houses inside.  The great thing is you are not charged per person, and you are not limited to a 2 hour window for your party.

We booked a 3 hour block at the gymnasium,  set up a bounce house, some games, a pinata, and ordered a bunch of pizza.  Best party ever!  The younger kids played in the bounce house.  The older kids and some of the adults played basketball because there was still another half court of basketball area left after the party set up.  We had roughly about 60 friends and family attend.  Because we weren’t paying per person, and we weren’t in a cramped space with a bunch of strangers, the whole family was able to attend.  Added bonus; No separate family party needed!

Now you read all of this and your thinking “sounds good, but how much am I looking at?”  The price of the Gymnasium for 3 hours, bounce house, and food and drinks for 60 people is right around the same as a 2 hour party at a party place for 15 kids.  Did I mention No Separate family party needed?  That’s right one and done.  No need for a cramped family party at home woohoo!

So if this party idea sounds like something that you might be interested in give us a call.  If you plan on calling around for a gymnasium, make sure they have a minimum ceiling height of 14 ft.  That will fit our Funhouse, and both of the Obstacle Courses.  Or you can reach out to us and we can give you tips on some places we have set up for indoor bounce house rentals.  Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Bounce House Rental Tips
Bounce House Rental Tips

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out our new blog. We will post here from time to time to share with you some of our stuff, and some tips to help you out as well. I guess for the first post we will share with you what you should look for when renting a bounce house. These bounce house rental tips will ensure that you and your children will have a great experience with inflatables.

First and foremost you should always go with a reputable company. Inflatables are heavily regulated in Pennsylvania. The company you choose must be licensed, insured, and inspected by a state certified inspector. The guy renting the box store bounce house on Craigslist and Facebook is none of these. Those units are not approved for commercial use, and pose a greater risk for injury than a commercial unit. The state actually has inspectors out in the field that will fine and confiscate their equipment if they are caught. So if you know one of these people, make them aware of the risks.

Second, cleanliness of the inflatables is a must. We clean and sanitize all of our units either immediately before or immediately after a rental depending on the time constraints. There is no excuse for receiving a dirty bounce house other than laziness. Granted with heavy use scuff marks and stains will happen, but those will not transfer to your clothes or skin. So how will you know if a company keeps their equipment clean before you call? Ask around. No doubt someone you know has rented one before. By the way, wet leaves are like kryptonite to vinyl. Occasionally they get stuck somewhere in the bounce house when rolling it up. If they sit any more than a few hours, they leave brown stains that only come out after repeated exposure to the sun. This has happened to us twice, and it is definitely a pain in the backside.

Third, always make sure the person setting up the inflatable either stakes it down or weighs it down with sandbags. This is another no excuse situation. Always let the person you are renting from know if you are setting up on grass, or a hard smooth surface so they have the correct equipment with them to secure it.

Fourth, always always always follow the safety instructions given to you. If you don’t receive them from the business you are renting from, I would question whether that company is reputable. Contrary to popular belief inflatables are not great “baby sitters.” I have seen companies advertise them as such, and I cringe when I see it. An adult should be present at all times supervising the participants. The majority of incidents that occur are from operator error which includes lack of supervision. I know, I know, I know. It’s getting late, you ran around all day with the party, and you just want to relax. I hear you. I have kids too. Unfortunately this is when the incidents happen. Pull up a lawn chair next to the bounce house and put your feet up there. It’s not going to kill you, and it will prevent the kids from getting out of hand.

Finally, have some fun! Bounce houses are a blast. Your kids will thank you for renting one. Besides the physical aspect and lack of weekend time with my family, the hardest part of my job is coming to pick up a rental and there is a child bouncing away inside. I hate being the bad guy, but hey it comes with the territory I guess.

So if you have read this post through and still aren’t sure who to call for a bounce house, just give us a call. Sir Bounce-A-Lot will deliver and set up all of our bounce houses for free within 20 miles of 18517.  We are conveniently located between Scranton PA and Wilkes Barre PA to cover most of the area.  If we don’t have the equipment you are looking for, we will refer you to someone that does have it.