FAQs About Bounce House And Party Rentals

Below are some common FAQs or frequently asked questions that we have received throughout the years.

Do you allow customers to pick up equipment?

No.  Our insurance agent would drop us in a heart beat.  Believe it or not there is a lot of training involved in the set up and safety of inflatables.  They must be secured properly to prevent incidents like those you see on television.  Also customers that pick up inflatables aren’t prepared to handle a 250 – 600lb bounce house.  I have seen with my own eyes someone drag one with an atv across a driveway and into a backyard.  I am not going to risk the safety of our customers or equipment for an extra sale.

I don’t see my town listed in your delivery area.  Will you deliver here?

It depends on a few factors.  Call us and we will see if we can work something out.  If not we will refer you to another company in the area where you live.

How much time before my event do I need to reserve?

As early as possible is our suggestion.  We have customers that reserve equipment a year ahead of time.  Any order placed online within 24 hours will not be filled.  We need at least 24 hours notice to load our truck accordingly and send in the necessary paperwork to the state.

Do I need someone to supervise the inflatable?

Yes.  Someone should be supervising the participants in the inflatable AT ALL TIMES.  The person that signs off on the training form is responsible to train and put in place someone else in the event that they are unable to supervise.  Contrary to popular belief inflatables are not a babysitting device.  When they become such, accidents happen. 

I have a sprinkler/irrigation system in my lawn.  Can you still set up?

Yes but please inform us ahead of time.  In this case we would use sandbags instead of stakes.  You would also need to turn your timer off so the heads do not poke a hole in the inflatable, or drench the inflatable in water.

We don’t have power where we want you to set up.  Do you have a generator?

Yes we do have generators available for an additional fee.  You must inform us of this situation ahead of time as WE DO NOT CARRY A GENERATOR WITH US.  We only bring them out when we need them because they take up a lot of space.

How big are the stakes you use to secure the inflatable?

They vary in size from 18″ to 40″ for different purposes.  We do have some that far exceed the manufacturer specs for your safety.

How long is your rental period?

The rental period we offer is up to 8 hours.  Most companies do a 4-6 hour window for rentals.  It is easier for us this way, and it gives you more time to have fun.

We have rented some really dirty inflatables in the past.  Is this normal?

No this is absolutely not normal.  All of our equipment is cleaned and sanitized either immediately before or after your rental.

Other companies use their combo units like water slides.  Do you allow your customers to do that?

Absolutely not.  While some combos may be approved for use with water by the manufacturer, others are not.  The vinyl that the inflatables are made of becomes extremely slippery when wet posing an increased risk to those trying to bounce when wet (even on the units approved for wet use by the manufacturer).  If you would like to rent a water slide we do have purpose built water slides to choose from.

Can you set your slides up so we can slide into my pool?

Absolutely not.  It is extremely dangerous as the slides are not purpose built for that.  Also the state and insurance do not allow this.

My “OUTDOOR” party is only 3 hours long.  Can you come pick it up after 3 hours and give us a break on the price?

Yes and No.  Yes we can come pick it up.  Unfortunately the same amount of work and fuel is involved for a 3 hour or 8 hour party, so a discount is not warranted.

My “INDOOR” party is only 3 hours long.  Can you come pick it up after 3 hours and give us a break on the price?

Yes and Yes.  The cleaning process is much easier for an indoor rental.  We can give you a small break on the price

Can I come look at your bounce houses to see which one I want?

Unfortunately we do not have a huge warehouse or showroom for people to see our inventory.  Be sure to follow us on social media as we are always adding recent pictures of our equipment.

Can you set up a bounce house on gravel, dirt, sand, or mulch?

No.  Grass and hard smooth surfaces are THE ONLY surfaces we can set up on.  If you have a transition from grass to cement (or another hard surface) please let us know ahead of time so we can bring the proper equipment.

Can you set up at a public park?

No.  We do not set up at public parks for private parties.  We only set up at public parks for community and corporate sponsored events.

I do not own my property.  Do I need to get permission to have an inflatable set up?

Yes.  You should always get permission.  In cases where there is a management team involved, we must have a letter in advance from management on official letter head stating that they are approving the set up of the inflatable, and they must mark all underground utilities with flags so no utilities are compromised in the set up process.

I want to rent your Dunk Tank.  Do you fill up the dunk tank for me?

Yes and No.  No we do not fill it before we deliver it.  Yes we will fill it with your hose and water supply.  If you are setting up in a public space make sure you have arrangements made for a water supply to fill the dunk tank before hand.

I want to put the Dunk Tank in my backyard.  Will it fit?

The Dunk Tank is permanently mounted to a trailer.  It must be towed into position with a truck.  It will not fit through a standard gate.  A gate wide enough to drive a truck through is necessary to set it up in fenced in areas.

Can I set up the Dunk Tank indoors?


There is an item I want that you don’t have.  Can you get it?

If it is something you need for an event right away we can refer you to a company that has the equipment.  If it is something you would like us to offer please tell us.  We are always taking suggestions from customers for new equipment.

Is my bounce house going to blow away?

No.  As long as you follow the instructions given to you and do not compromise the set up at all.  If we feel it is going to be too windy to set up we will cancel and you will be refunded any money paid.  This is also another reason why we do not allow customer pick ups.  Too many times I have seen them not secured properly.  There is always the slightest chance that mother nature will send a freak microburst of wind to pass through an area.  This is why it is imperative that the inflatable be secured properly and monitored at all times as stated above to remove the participants until the weather has passed.

The guys that came to set up were very polite and friendly.  Are we allowed to tip them?

Absolutely.  If you feel they have done a good job feel free to tip them.