Rental Policies

Please read these rental policies before contacting us



A 30% deposit is due within 48 hours of your request for reservation.  If deposit is not received within 48 hours, your reservation will be cancelled.  Remaining payment may be made by check, or cash on delivery.  If paying by check payment must be received 10 days prior to your event to allow time for the check to clear.  Cash payments only will be acceptable on the day of delivery.

Electrical and Water Requirements

The inflatable unit must be placed within 100′ of the power source.  A standard 110 volt grounded three-prong electrical outlet is needed to power the inflatable.  We do rent generators for an additional charge for events held at locations without sufficient power.  One dedicated 20A circuit is required for each inflatable.  We provide the appropriate extension cords to power our equipment.  In addition to electrical, units requiring water will need a water source.  We do not provide a hose to attach to the inflatable, or a source of water.


If an event is being held on a property that is not owned by the lessee, lessee must get permission from the property owner to let us install our equipment.  If your event is being held at a property that is owned and maintained by a management company, a letter of consent must be obtained from management, and all underground utilities must be flagged before set up.  Private rentals are not permitted in public parks.  If rental is going to be set up in an indoor location, please check to see there is easy access for delivery, there is at least an additional 2 feet of ceiling height above the inflatable (minimum of 14ft height for a 12ft high inflatable), and always obtain permission from the property owner to set up an inflatable.

Site Preparation

Check the dimensions of the inflatable you are renting and add an additional 4′ to 5′ around the entire inflatable for clearance safety.   For a 15′ x 15′ unit, you will need an area approximately 20′ x 20.’   A relatively level, smooth, compatible surface (grass or hard top) is needed.  Dirt, sand, gravel, and mulch are unacceptable surfaces for setup.  The area must be free of rocks, sticks, sharp objects and pet debris.  The designated area must be away from low hanging tree limbs and electrical lines.  Please have children refrain from sandbox usage when the inflatable is at your property.


Customer pick ups are not permitted.  Unless other arrangements have been made, delivery and setup will occur during the morning hours on the day of your event.  Pickup will occur that night, or the following morning depending on the arrangements made.  Unlike most companies that give you a 4-6 hour party window, our rentals on average are about 8 hours.  You will be notified of your scheduled delivery time the day before your rental date. 

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather on the date of your rental (rain/high-winds), you may cancel your order.  There is nothing owed if your rental is cancelled due to bad weather as long as your order is cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery time.  We will not setup an inflatable unit in rain or high wind conditions.  Although the decision to cancel is usually up to the customer, we reserve the ultimate right to cancel due to poor/dangerous weather conditions.  We will never put anyone at risk for an injury to make a few dollars.

Thank you for viewing our Contact Us/Policies page.  Additional instructions for your specific rental will be given when you reserve with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Hope to hear from you soon!

Sir Bounce-A-Lot