Indoor Bounce House Rentals

“You can set these up indoors?”  I get asked that question every time I tell people that we can set up indoor bounce house rentals provided there is enough ceiling height.  Your probably thinking to yourself where in the world am I going to find somewhere to have a party that has enough ceiling height to set up a bounce house?  We thought the same thing until we discovered there are some amazing local places you can rent for a party.

My daughter, like myself and my wife, has a winter birthday.  Our house is pretty small, so inviting people here is not going to work.  Those fast food restaurant parties like when we were kids just aren’t the same since they removed their playground (and since a lot of people try to avoid fast food).   She is not into bowling.  Swimming parties are ok, but they exclude those who can’t swim or those who don’t want to swim from having fun.  We can go to one of those party places, but the parties are very rushed (like assembly line rushed), they are a bit pricey, and I swear she gets sick every time we go to one.  We started looking around and realized there was a large gymnasium down the road that we could rent for her party, and we could set up bounce houses inside.  The great thing is you are not charged per person, and you are not limited to a 2 hour window for your party.

We booked a 3 hour block at the gymnasium,  set up a bounce house, some games, a pinata, and ordered a bunch of pizza.  Best party ever!  The younger kids played in the bounce house.  The older kids and some of the adults played basketball because there was still another half court of basketball area left after the party set up.  We had roughly about 60 friends and family attend.  Because we weren’t paying per person, and we weren’t in a cramped space with a bunch of strangers, the whole family was able to attend.  Added bonus; No separate family party needed!

Now you read all of this and your thinking “sounds good, but how much am I looking at?”  The price of the Gymnasium for 3 hours, bounce house, and food and drinks for 60 people is right around the same as a 2 hour party at a party place for 15 kids.  Did I mention No Separate family party needed?  That’s right one and done.  No need for a cramped family party at home woohoo!

So if this party idea sounds like something that you might be interested in give us a call.  If you plan on calling around for a gymnasium, make sure they have a minimum ceiling height of 14 ft.  That will fit our Funhouse, and both of the Obstacle Courses.  Or you can reach out to us and we can give you tips on some places we have set up for indoor bounce house rentals such as The Moosic Youth Center.  There are many places between Scranton and Wilkes Barre that allow indoor bounce house rentals.  Hope to hear from you soon 🙂